Don’t stop praying, Janet tells Ugandans

Monday March 30 2020

Prayers. President Museveni and First Lady

Prayers. President Museveni and First Lady Janet receive Holy Communion from Bishop Nathan Ahimbisibwe at St Matthew’s Cathedral Kyamate, Ntungamo District, in 2017. Photo by Perez Rumanzi 


The First Lady, Ms Janet Museveni, has appealed to citizens to continue praying for the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Uganda has confirmed 33 coronavirus cases in the past week.

“What do you do when you feel fear? At a time like this, that is when you pray and you know that the enemy is strong but God is even stronger,” Ms Museveni, who is also the Minister of Education, said in a televised message to the nation on Saturday.
She said whereas there is news about the devastations being caused by Covid-19, people must not lose faith in God but pray for His intervention.
She reiterated the President’s message on closure of worship places and schools, among others, to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Ms Museveni asked parents to use the lockdown to pray with their children and teach them the value of prayer.
“Provide guidance as mothers and fathers in the home. Ensure children stay home. That is why the schools are closed so that we maintain social distancing. Go further and pray and fast,” the minister said.
She said homes must be cleaned, including surfaces so that children are not put at risk of infection.

“Listen to what the President has been telling you. You have to be serious about cleanliness, especially of your hands. Take care not just of yourself, your family and children. Keep surfaces in your homes clean to protect the children. Take fluids frequently. Stay home,” Ms Museveni added.
Coronavirus spreads through droplets from cough or flu and another person touching it with their hands to their nose, mouth or eyes.

Quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14, which says: “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land,” the First Lady said it is time for Ugandans to fight this world war on their knees. “It will take our willingness to fight, this time on our knees. We will win this war on our knees. Our God hears, he has not changed.”

Toll free lines
The Ministry of Health has emphasised the need for people to maintain social distancing of four metres and if anyone is suspected to have Covid-19 to call their toll free numbers 919, 0800100066, 0800203033 plus other contacts at district and regional levels.