Dr Besigye: I do not believe Gen Muntu is a mole

Thursday December 7 2017

Dr Besigye (L) hugs Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu at

Dr Besigye (L) hugs Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu at the flag off ceremony for the party primary campaigns at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala, on July 6, 2015. FILE PHOTO 

By Our Reporter

Former presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye has refuted claims by a section of the Opposition members that the outgoing Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Gen Mugisha Muntu is an NRM mole.
A section of the FDC members have been accusing Gen Muntu of being a ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party mole sent to destabilise the FDC party.

“I do not believe that Gen Mugisha Muntu is a mole. I respect Gen Muntu and I would not call him a mole,” said Dr Besigye while appearing on the NTV’s On the Spot talk show on Thursday night.
Dr Besigye made the remarks in response to a caller who said he supports Dr Besigye before accusing Gen Muntu of being a mole.

Speaking during the handover of office at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala last Friday, Gen Muntu said he has continued to get reports of being labeled a mole.
“I love time because it is the best judge because it cannot discriminate. Let us all wait for passage of time and it will tell,” he said.
In further defence of Gen Muntu, Dr Besigye said several party members including him have been labeled as moles before.

Earlier on the show, Dr Besigye said some of his detractors have accused him of promoting himself rather than the institutions in the party.

“I don't listen to all the negative names people call me. I'm simply fighting president Museveni and his dangerous regime.
Nobody appreciates what's going on in FDC and that's why people keep on saying its going down. But it will not! Its either you want our Country free from Museveni or you want to remain hostage,” Dr Besigye said.

According to him, there won't be change through an election.
“People must simply demonstrate to stop those people who lead them by force. All we can do is use elections to create the changes we want. All dictators have never prepared to leave. So we don't expect the dictatorship to change its stands,” he added.

In response to reports that there’s disunity among members of Uganda’s largest Opposition party, Dr Besigye said: “Nobody appreciates what is happening in FDC. That is why people always say the party will split. But what is happening in FDC is new, it is unique.”
On the proposed amendment of article 102 (b) of the constitution, Dr Besigye said: “I think it should really be understood that this provision of article 102 (b) is not just another provision. The 30 years of Mr Museveni has not done a good job. We need people to unite and say enough is enough. Strike is a very fundamental stake of defiance.”

He added: “A constitution is not a piece of paper. It is what the majority of people want as a way to be governed. That transition is the cardinal failure of the NRM. That transition was sabotaged and the 1999 paper that I wrote was about that. After the transition in this country, you’ll never see me as a candidate.”