Drama as police engage Besigye in wild goose chase around city

Dr Kizza Besigye managed to wave to the crowds in Kampala yesterday despite police pursuit. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA

Central Kampala yesterday became the scene of a movie-like car chase between opposition leader Kizza Besigye and anti-riot police patrol trucks.

The drama started early in the morning with police trailing Dr Besigye from his home in Kasangati all the way to Crane Bank headquarters on Kampala Road.

Drawn by this surprise visit, a crowd, police struggled to disperse, was soon gathering around the Constitution Square area, cheering loudly. Officers sealed off the road, paralysing traffic.
Dr Besigye, who was inside the bank, emerged at 1pm and was driven off to another unknown location, with police patrol trucks on his trail.

There was an outbreak of action when police, led by Mr James Ruhweza, the district police commander Central Police Station, tried to stop him from driving into Kimathi Drive, the road to Workers House, where Col Besigye insisted he had an appointment with his lawyers.
Police, after ‘consultations’, allowed him to proceed to his destination where he remained holed up for about four hours. All this time, patrol cars, fully loaded with armed men, were parked on all streets leading to Workers House.

No sooner had he sped off down Pilkington Road than the patrol cars, and motorcycles, followed in pursuit.

Speaking to journalists afterwards, Dr Besigye said: “These are symptoms of a capsising government. Someone decides to go to town on his own business but you keep trailing him, for what and why?”

They again chased him to the For God and my Country pressure group’s offices on Katonga Road in Upper Nakasero area, where they remained waiting for him by press time.