Envoy sues Buganda officials over land

Thursday February 20 2020

Petitioner. Ambassador Matia Lubega and Sued.

Petitioner. Ambassador Matia Lubega and Sued. Mr Apollo Makubuya. FILE PHOTOS 

By Anthony Wesaka

An ambassador has sued two top officials of Buganda Kingdom for allegedly declining to give him land as ordered by Kabaka Ronald Mutebi.

The sued officials are Mr Male Kyewalabye, the secretary of Buganda Land Board (BLB), and Mr Apollo Nelson Makubuya, the former kingdom attorney general.

Ambassador Matia Lubega filed the case before the Land Division of the High Court on November 15 last year.

He contends that in 1995, the Kabaka entrusted him to start the Kabaka Foundation as a charitable organisation, and he later became its executive director.

Ambassador Lubega adds that the king decided to reward him for his diligent work by ordering the BLB to allocate him land at Kyadondo Block 268 Plot 475 on Entebbe Road in Wakiso District.

The petitioner says despite writing several letters to the former and current secretaries of BLB, he has never received the land.


“The plaintiff shall aver and contend that the servants of the Kabaka of Buganda who were working for the 1st defendant (BLB), through letters, made numerous misrepresentations that they were in the process of working on modalities to ensure that land described as Kyadondo Block 268 Plot 475 situated at Naziba-Lubowa whereas not,” the court documents read in part.

The officials are accused of giving out the land in question to Mr Makubuya yet he was aware that it had already been allocated to Mr Lubega.

“The inactions and actions of the 2nd defendant (Mr Kyewalabye) in the course of his work and on behalf of the 1st defendant (BLB) together with the 3rd defendant (Mr Makubuya), who among other responsibilities, was in charge of all the legal affairs in the kingdom of Buganda, abdicated their roles,” Mr Lubega contends.

The petitioner further contends that the actions of Mr Kyewalabye have since portrayed the Kabaka as a liar.

He now wants court to issue an order for cancellation and adjusting the register from Mr Makubuya’s name to his.

Mr Lubega also wants court to issue a declaration that he is the rightful owner of the land in question.

Seeking damages
The petitioner also wants court to direct Mr Makubuya to pay him damages amounting to Shs480m for denying him to enjoy use of his land since 2002, and likewise, Mr Kyewalabye and BLB pay him Shs80m as special damages.