Ethnic tension erupts among South Sudanese refugees Lamwo, two injured

Thursday June 1 2017

South Sudan refugees camp at  Palabek settl

South Sudan refugees camp at Palabek settlement centre in Palabek Ogiri Sub-county. PHOTO BY CISSY MAKUMBI 


LAMWO. Ethnic tension has erupted among the south Sudanese refugees in Lamwo settlement with four of the major tribes ganging against the Dinka tribe. They accuse each other of being behind the conflict in their home country.
The Wednesday physical fight saw two people injured and they are receiving treatment in one of the health centres in Parabek Ogiri Sub County.
The misunderstanding is between Acholi, Nuer, Baris and Langi against the Dinka tribe.
It’s alleged that the fight resulted from an argument in which one tribe accused the other of causing mayhem in South Sudan and seeking refuge at the neighbourhood.

South Sudan nationals fled their home country following the renewed fighting between the SPLA and several militias in Imatong state that started in March this year.
The unrest has seen over 22,000 refugees seeking refuge in Lamwo with majority being children and women who are now being settled in Palabek Ogiri and Palabek Gem settlement centres.
According to the LCV Chairperson in Lamwo District, John Ogwok Komakech, the physical fight was between the Dinka tribe and other tribes majorly Acholi of South Sudan.
“Security is on the ground to calm the situation and as we talk now the situation is under control. But other measure are also been put in place to see that the various tribes that are here stay in harmony,” Mr Ogwok said.

He added that emergency meeting has been called so that UNHCR, OPM and development partners can forge a way forward to address the situation.
“Also leaders of refugees will be called for a dialogue so that such misunderstandings do not emerge in the future. We want to put a permanent solution on this,” he said.
Settlement Commandant Palabek Refugee Settlement, David Wangwe, said they have called the elders of the different tribes for a meeting to resolve the tension.

Resident District Commissioner also head of Security in the district, Jonathan Rutabingwa, warned the refugees on the dangers of fighting among themselves, advising them to respect the host communities.
“Fighting among themselves might also cause fear among the host communities. We are set to engage the refugees on co-existence so that as they are here, they should look at themselves as brothers and sisters,” Mr Rutabingwa said.
On a daily basis, about 600 refugees enter Lamwo District through the three boarder points of Ngomoromo, Awenolwiyo and Waligo.

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