Ex-Bubulo West MP Kipoi to be extradited for trial

Saturday March 1 2014



International Police (Interpol) will extradite former Bubulo West MP Tony Kipoi Nsubuga from the DR Congo back to Uganda next week to stand trial on treason and theft charges.

Mr Kipoi was arrested in DR Congo and is being detained at a police station in Kinshasa, the DRC capital, awaiting his transfer to Uganda.
Mr Asan Kasinge, the director Interpol Uganda, said they had already secured a red notice from Interpol head offices in Paris and delivered it to DRC authorities to expedite Mr Kipoi’s extradition.

“They (DRC) were just waiting for the red notice, which we got and handed to them. We expect the extradition as soon as next week,” Mr Kasinge said at Interpol offices in Kololo yesterday.

Mr Kipoi is wanted at Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court for jumping bail on charges of stealing a car from Botswana.

Prosecution alleges that he was found driving the said car in Mutungo, a Kampala suburb, last year. “After receiving him, we shall take him to court where he is wanted over jumping bail,” Mr Kasingye said.

Mr Kipoi is also facing charges of treason, illegal confinement of South African nationals and dealing in narcotic drugs.

In the treason case, Mr Kipoi is alleged to have held a meeting with DR Congo rebels and UPDF soldiers in a guest house in Kabarole District last year with intention to arm them and overthrow the Uganda government.