Experts warn on heavy rains, thunderstorms

Thursday September 13 2018

mudslide in Kisoro District

In September 2017, three people were killed by floods resulting from heavy rains in Bukimbiri and Nyakabande sub-counties. FILE PHOTO 



Weather experts have forecasted heavy rainfall across the country punctuated with lightning and flooding that will lead to increased disease outbreak. State minister for Environment, Dr Mary Kitutu, who read a pre-prepared statement by Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), said farmers have a leeway of planting both quick and long maturing crops owing to good rains ahead.
“Overall, there is an increased likelihood of above normal rainfall over most parts of Uganda and near normal rainfall in most parts of Karamoja and southern cattle corridor,” Dr Kitutu said yesterday in Kampala.
The forecast has been rated at 90 per cent accurate.
Above normal pattern happens when rainfall received in a particular season exceeds the usual rains received in a place while as normal, is the total usual rainfall in a season in a given place.
Below normal on the other means the total rainfall during the season is less than the usual rains received in a place.
September to December constitutes the second major rainfall season in most parts of the country. The heavy rains contaminate water sources and block drainage channels that will act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the forecast warns.