FDC starts housing projects for elderly in Bugiri District

Wednesday January 09 2013

Residents of Nabukalu Sub-county, Bugiri District try to repair a bridge on Monday. They accused their leaders of ignoring their plight.

Members of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in Bugiri have embarked on a project of constructing semi-permanent houses for elderly persons.

The district FDC chairperson, Mr Bumali Luba, told Daily Monitor on Monday that the project is aimed at fighting poverty and jiggers infestations in the district.

Mr Luba said members of the party launched the project to fundraise for money towards the construction of semi-permanent houses for elderly people, adding that each member is contributing Shs20,000 towards the project.

“We have discovered that some of our elders in the district were neglected by their relatives and abandoned by government, so we have to come in to help,” Mr Luba said.

Project in motion
Party members have started identifying the most vulnerable elderly persons, according to Mr Luba. He said two elders, Mr James Otedo, and Mr Sulaiman Mugoya, both residents of Bukubansiri in Nabukalu Sub-county, have benefited from the project.

He said each house is being constructed at a cost of Shs700,000, adding that every elderly person from the age of 60 years and above throughout the entire district will benefit from the project.


Mr Luba said the project is expected to run up to 2018, adding that the construction of the houses is not for FDC party supporters only, but all elderly persons regardless of political affiliation.

“We want to show the ruling National Resistance Movement party that FDC party is about improving the people’s welfare,” Mr Luba said.

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