Family seeks justice, support for son shot in city

Saturday October 19 2019

Victim.  Mr Fred Kiberu, 26,  who was shot by a

Victim. Mr Fred Kiberu, 26, who was shot by a guard, at Mulago hospital where he is receiving medical attention. PHOTO BY SHADAT MBOGO 


A family in Ssumbwe Village, Wakiso District, is seeking justice and support after their son was allegedly shot and “dangerously harmed” by a Chinese national and his private guard.
The family claims that Fred Kiberu, 26, was shot by Alfred Byaruhanga, a guard attached to Hash Security Company Ltd, on alleged orders of his Chinese boss Li Gong on the eve of Independence Day at God’s Grace Arcade, on William Street in Kampala.

Mr Hamzah Namwanja, the father of the victim, yesterday said: “The suspects are moving around in town yet they haven’t been prosecuted. We want answers over this incident. They shouldn’t go unpunished when we are here suffering with our son in the hospital.”
It is reported that prior to the incident, the Chinese national and the victim were involved in an argument when the former found the latter standing near his shoe store and suspected him of being a thief.

After being shot, Mr Kiberu was taken to Mulago hospital, where he is receiving medical attention.
“There’s a comminuted and displaced fracture involving the left maxillary facial bones with associated opacification (73HU) of the corresponding left maxillary sinus due to hemorrhagic sinus effusion. Note is also made of left maxillary and cervical subcutaneous emphysema.... No evidence of traumatic brain injury,” the hospital report indicates.
Ms Sumaiya Nabulime, the victim’s wife, said: “We lack funds to look after my husband and the family at the same time. Right now, I am expecting to deliver a baby soon but I don’t know how I will be helped because no one is working on our behalf to get money for basic needs in life.”

The deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan police, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, said they arrested the suspects and charged them with attempted murder.
“We arrested the Chinese on spot but released him on police bond. Another suspect had escaped but our detectives managed to apprehend him and we have him in our custody at CPS in Kampala. We are now waiting for the advice of the resident state attorney to take them to courts of law,” Mr Owoyesigyire said in a telephone interview on Friday.

He added: “The family want us to get involved in issues of compensation. They seek a lot of money from the Chinese and that’s why they say we have not helped them. But they should be reminded that it is not a role for the police to negotiate with a suspect to compensate them.”