Family seeks probe into Kirumira suspect’s killing

Friday October 12 2018

Killed.  An illustration of Abdul Kateregga who

Killed. An illustration of Abdul Kateregga who was killed on September 29.  


Kampala. The family of Abdul Kateregga, 40, who was shot dead on suspicion that he participated in the murder of former police commander Muhammad Kirumira, has petitioned court seeking an inquest into his killing.
The family lawyers filed an inquest order to determine the cause of death. The suit was filed in the High Court.
The respondents in the case include the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo, and the Attorney General.
In an affidavit filed in court, Mr Farouq Kaweesa, the deceased’s young brother, said the killing was violent and unnatural and therefore required an inquest under the Inquests Act.
Mr Kaweesa wants court to compel Gen Odongo to appoint a coroner (an investigator) to inquire into his brother’s death.
The security operatives who killed Kateregga, according to the police statement, say he was running away on September 29 when he was shot in Namungoona, Kampala.
It is said Kateregga was talking to his wife, Ms Mariam Kasujja, next to her charcoal-stall when he was shot.
He was a father of nine and husband of two wives.
President Museveni later tweeted: “It turns out that Kateregga was one of the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) terrorists that had benefited from amnesty in the past. This, therefore, is to put on notice all the killers that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).”
Mr Kaweesa has also filed a habeas corpus seeking to produce Ms Kasujja, who was taken by the military after her husband’s death. She has not been seen since.
Mr Kaweesa wants court to order the army and Attorney General to produce the widow, saying her detention is unconstitutional.
“Ms Kateregga left behind a home uncared for and unattended 15 children whose ages range between two and 17 years, 13 of whom are from her own womb and two from her co-wife, the military did not bother to inquire about their welfare,” Mr Kaweesa states.