Farmers with unploughed gardens, fields face arrest

Thursday May 16 2019

An agronomist explains to farmers how to

An agronomist explains to farmers how to operate the walking tractor while ploughing. FILE PHOTO 

By Elly Katahinga

Ntungamo- Authorities in Ntungamo District are considering to enact a by- law that will compel farmers to plough their gardens or face arrest.

The Ntungamo Resident District commissioner (RDC), Mr George Bakunda explained that, leaving coffee, banana plantations or land unploughed for many years has instigated cases of food insecurity, crimes and domestic violence in the district.

“Government is promoting wealth Creation yet some people do not want to work, but they are want to eat,” Mr Bakunda said.

“How can farmers leave fields unploughed for many years and when you are given coffee seedlings or banana plants, you just plant on a small portion of the land as if you’re a thief in your own garden.”

Mr Bakunda also revealed that his office together with line departments in the district are in the process of designing a by-law to arrest all those who will be found with unproductive/unploughed gardens or land.

The RDC said this while addressing farmers who turned up for the social-economic empowerment training held on Wednesday at St Luke Muriisa Church of Uganda Ntungamo Sub-County in Ntungamo District.

Mr Bakunda, also noted that the proposed by-law will help farmers to embrace the presidential system of four-acre model of farming in a move to eradicate poverty through wealth creation at household level.

The RDC also challenged graduates to return to their villages and apply the acquired skills and knowledge saying that it is the only way to help their parents and their communities to break from the bondage of poverty. According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, at least 68 per cent of Ugandan population are still trapped in substance farming. These are the people the government seeks to hoist through wealth creation initiative.

The RDC commended Free and Rich Uganda found for transforming farmers through farming trainings in the district.

The director Free and Rich Uganda, Mr Rodgers Aijuka revealed that his organization seeks to create model farming systems in every Sub County in the district as one of the pillars of commercial farming in the fight against poverty.

He also appealed to farmers who participated in the training to practice what they have been taught and also teach others.

Over 500 farmers have been so far trained in various enterprises such as Zero grazing, poultry, piggery, apiary, rabbit rearing, and coffee and banana plantations among others.