Father disowns son over physically impaired wife

Friday April 5 2013

David Okot Ayoli at his in-law’s home where he stays with his wife.

David Okot Ayoli at his in-law’s home where he stays with his wife. Okot was chased away from his parent’s home for marrying a physically impaired woman. PHOTO BY DAVID OMARA 


When Mr David Okot Ayoli chose Ms Harriet Ajok, 23, a physically impaired woman, for a wife, little did he know it would sour his relationship with his father.

The 25-year-old resident of Lalogi Sub-county in Gulu District is now living with his in-laws after he was chased from his home by his father for taking a wrong decision.

“When I told my father that I wanted to marry my wife, he turned against me, accusing me of wasting resources by marrying a physically impaired woman who cannot support me in the garden,” Mr Okot says.

“My father said he could not support me in my marriage. He gave me an option of dumping my wife and staying home, or staying with her and vacating home. My relatives tried to intervene but all came to nothing,” he says.

Mr Okot did not turn back and moved out with his wife and sought refuge at his father in –law’s home.

Luckily for him, Donasani Okumu did not turn them away.
“When my daughter explained to me what had happened, I gave them one of the huts to stay in as they see what the future has for them,” Okumu says.

Mr Okumu adds that he is glad his son in-law took his stand in staying with his daughter.

“Okot is hard working and I wish them the best in life and in marriage, these are all my children, I will never let them suffer.”
Okot insists that he loves his wife and cannot leave her.
“I see a wife in Ajok, and to date I have no regrets for moving on with her.”

In order to earn a living, Mr Okot is now engaged in farming, with plans of buying another piece of land and “we begin a new life.”