Fear as another landslide hits Sironko

Thursday December 12 2019

Sironko District Woman MP, Ms Florence NAMBOZO

Sironko District Woman MP, Ms Florence NAMBOZO in Bumumulo parish in Zesui Sub County, where the first landslides buried people. She had visited the area to asses the damage. PHOTO BY YAHUDU KITUNZI 


There is fear in the mountainous district of Sironko in Bugisu sub region after another landslide hit the area leaving acres of coffee destroyed.
Residents said Wednesday's incident in Nakopa Village, Buwagama parish, Bumulisha Sub County in Sironko have revived fears of more landslides on the slopes of Mountain Elgon.
This comes eight days after more than 16 bodies of people who perished in multiple landslides in Bududa and Sironko were recovered while scores are said to be still missing.

The Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, Mr Robert Tukei confirmed the landslide and said no death was registered.
"The landslide has destroyed about 30 acres of coffee and banana plantations. No injuries to any humans, no homes affected," said Mr Tukei.
The Sironko district woman MP, Ms Florence Nambozo said residents from the landslide prone areas of the district are at risk over the continuous rains in the region.

“I’m worried that if this rain continues, it may loosen the soil texture and trigger another serious landslide," said Ms Nambozo.
She added that, government should not ignore the early warnings.
She said leaders and residents of the area are concerned that government has failed to treat the issue of Sironko landslide as an emergency claiming that ever since the first tragedy happened in Sironko, no government official has visited the area to assess the damage.

"I want government to treat this landslide in Sironko as a serious issue that needs immediate response," she said.
Meanwhile, the Chief Administrative Officer’s office has started distributing relief food to the earlier affected communities in the sub counties of Zesui, Masaba, Busulani sub counties, Budadiri and Sironko Town councils.