Finance ministry rejects national fertiliser policy

Friday September 18 2015

By Martin Luther Oketch


The Ministry of Finance has rejected the National Fertiliser Policy citing financial implications.

Before a Bill or policy is approved by government, the Ministry of Finance must grant a certificate of financial implications that shows there are funds for implementation of such a policy. The ministry, however, rejected the National Fertiliser Policy saying the cost of implementing it was so high.

Answering questions during a meeting to disseminate study findings by the International Growth Centre on the use of fertilisers in Uganda held in Kampala, the director of crop resources in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Okasai S. Opolot, said the Finance ministry rejected the policy because it fell short of requirements.

During the meeting, senior research fellow at Economic Policy Research Centre, Dr Swaibu Mbowa, told Daily Monitor that implementing the policy will cost Shs130b, over a five-year period, which he said was a reasonable cost.