Floods destroy water sources

Wednesday December 18 2019

Water source. A boy draws water for domestic use from a flooded man-made ditch in Ibako Village, Busesa Town Council in Bugweri District, on Monday. PHOTO BY RONALD SEEBE

Floods have submerged springs in Bugweri District exposing the residents to risks of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, diarrhoea and cholera.

Mr Farouk Mukama, a resident of Ibako Village, Busesa Town Council, attributed the water crisis to weak leadership.

“Issues of drilling and allocating boreholes are the work of the district council, however, the interim [district] council is divided. There is no way people will have borehole water when we lack serious leadership,” he said on Monday.

Mr Peter Kakaire, another resident, said borehole coverage in the district is very low. He also said the district has a poor transport network.

“We walk long distances looking for water from the springs and sometimes fail, especially when it rains,” he said. Mr Wilber Menya, a resident of Butende Trading Centre, said the Chief Administrative Officer and Sub-county chiefs have not played their part. “We know the work of the technical staff is to implement government programmes, but we do not have leaders who can pass meaningful council resolutions,” he said.

Mr David Kirunda, the chairperson of Ibako Village, said water coverage in the district is at 60 per cent, which is below the national average of 65 per cent.


“Although we have made several interventions under the water and sanitation programme, they are being hampered by the topography of the area,” he said, adding that residents wake up as early as 3am and queue at man-made ditches until mid-day.

Ms Racheal Magoola, popularly known as ‘Obangaina’, said: “The situation is not good and we need immediate intervention.”

Foods have ravaged the country since the rainy season started. At the weekend, a police officer, Sgt Godfrey Mwondha, was washed away by floods that ravaged Kampala City.