Four Kaweesi murder suspects re-arrested after securing bail

Wednesday September 11 2019

The suspects being shoved into a mini bus by armed security officers shortly after securing bail.

The Kololo-based International Crimes Division of High Court was Wednesday a scene of tension and drama when armed security operatives re-arrested four of the eight people who are suspected of killing the former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The four were picked up together with their lawyer, Mr James Mubiru, shortly after being discharged by the Registrar of the International Crimes Division of High Court, Ms Esther Nasambu, following their bail release by Justice Lydia Mugambe.

They are Yusuf Nyanzi, Jibril Kalyango, Joshua Kyambadde and Yusuf Mugerwa.

Uniformed and plain-clothed security officers closed the main gate of the court premises to block the suspects from leaving.

However, the operatives opened the gate when a vehicle attached to the Office of the Director of Prosecution, approached the gate.

As the car exited, the suspects who were driving in two vehicles; belonging to Mr Mubiru and another belonging to Mr Godfrey Turyamusiima, a lawyer, tried to exit the court premises.


At this point, a team of heavily-armed operatives jumped out of a White Toyota Super Custom vehicle Reg. No. UAF 257 E and dragged the suspects out of the two vehicles.


A security operative chokeholds the suspects’ lawyer as he forces him into the waiting van.

They violently bundled them in a waiting van and drove away.  

The other four suspect including; Abdu Rashid Mbazira, Aramaathan Noordin Higenyi, Bruhan Balyejusa and Shafiq Kasujja had earlier been returned to Luzira Prisons because they have pending charges in Nabweru and Mukono Magistrate courts.

Kaweesi, his bodyguard, Kenneth Erau and his driver, Godfrey Mambewa were shot dead on March, 17 2017 at Kulambiro, Kampala District.

Days later, the suspects were later picked from various districts in the country and charged with murder, aggravated robbery and terrorism.