Four decapitated in 'grisly' Nakasongola murders

Friday December 6 2019

Police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga

Police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga 


Police launched a manhunt Friday for an attacker who decapitated four people in a series of "grisly murders" in the centre of the country.
Police said in a statement that two children, a woman and a 93-year-old man had been attacked by a single suspect in four incidents in Nakasongola, central Uganda on Thursday.
In each case, witnesses describe a man hacking off the victim's head with a machete before fleeing.

"The security agencies in Nakasongola have increasingly intensified their search efforts to find an attacker wanted in an apparent killing spree of four people," police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga said in a statement.
"The victims include two male juveniles, one female adult and an elderly man, whose heads were all chopped off during the grisly murders."
In what the police describe as a "terrifying chain of events" a man attacked a 10-year-old boy while he was walking with his mother mid-afternoon Thursday.

Around an hour later a man snatched a seven-year-old boy from his mother's arms and cut his head off with a machete.
Moments later a 31-year-old woman carrying firewood nearby was attacked from behind and also decapitated.
Then a 93-year-old man who the police described as a "peasant" was attacked in his home and the attacker again chopped off the victim's head.

Police say that in the ensuing panic a 29-year-old man died after he was "caught by stray bullets" during the hunt for the attacker.
Mr Enanga identified the victim as Calvin Mutegesi.
"We are investigating the incident and also reached out to the family of the deceased," CP Enanga said.