Gabula endorsed as Busoga king

Tuesday August 26 2014

Prince Gabula (C)  waves to his subjects after he

Prince Gabula (C) waves to his subjects after he was declared the Kyabazinga of Busoga at the kingdom’s headquarters in Bugembe, Jinja district yesterday. PHOTO BY DENIS EDEMA. 


JINJA-Following thThe Busoga Lukiiko has endorsed the election of Prince William Gabula IV, as the new Kyabazinga of the kingdom.

Prince Gabula who was elected on Saturday was presented to the Lukiiko the Busoga kingdom headquarters yesterday morning.

Chief Juma Luba Munulo of Bunya County raised high Prince Gabula’s hand and proclaimed him king of Busoga.

The Lukiiko presided over by speaker Mr George Mutyabule made its approval in a period of less than 20 minutes.

The ritual involved presentation of the prince and the speaker asking Lukiiko members whether they had any reservations about the prince’s character and track record.

There being none, Mr Mutyabule declared that the silence meant consent, which prompted him [Mutyabule] to approve the 26-year-old to commence work immediately.


“The Royal Chiefs’ Council played their part and presented you to us for endorsement. You can now sign or preside over matters of the kingdom beginning now,” Mr Mutyabule declared as the fully packed Lukiiko applauded.

Present were princes, princesses and nine of the eleven hereditary chiefs mandated to elect the Kyabazinga.

Conspicuously absent was the chief prince (Ssabalangira) Daudi Kaunhe Wakooli of Bukhooli chiefdom, who was reported unwell, and Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi of Bulamogi who had laid claim on the throne.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Salaamu Musumba, the chairperson of Kamuli District where Prince Gabula hails, seemed to bask in the glory.

After the Lukiiko sitting, Prince Gabula was presented to his subjects who equally received him with acclamation.

“Let me thank the royal chiefs who came up with the resolution to suspend some articles of the constitution which seemed to have been scaring other chiefs from coming up with a substantive Kyabazinga, to fill the vacuum on the throne,” Mr Mutyabule said drawing more cheers.

He also hailed the kingdom’s security team for securing the kingdom’s properties during the transition period and ordered them to prevent other forces from attempting to plunge the kingdom in turmoil. Busoga kingdom has been without a king since the death of Henry Wako Muloko in September 2008.

In his brief acceptance speech, Prince Gabula whose public coronation is to be held within a month’s time thanked both President Museveni and the Speaker of Parliament, for the time and resources they have been committing towards resolving the leadership vacuum in the kingdom.

The Prince also thanked the Royal Chiefs’ Council for electing him to lead them and the chief prince Wakooli, who remains opposed to his election, for having taken care of the office of the Kyabazinga.

“It is incumbent upon all of us to unite. We must unite for the betterment of Busoga,” Prince Gabula said.

After his endorsement, the Prince was taken to Mpumudde and Igenge hills for the traditional enthronement rituals.
Thereafter his entourage made a procession through Jinja town paralyzing operations in the central business district for more than two hours.

Ms Kadaga urged all stakeholders to rally behind Prince Gabula and always advise him.

“Our Kyabazinga is young. So it will be necessary to always offer some advice to ensure that things run smoothly,” she said.


Busoga kingdom has since the death of Henry Wako Muloki in September 2008 faced sharp divisions pitting subjects against a number of royalties and interests in the kingdom.

Busoga continues to be threatened even with the election of Prince Gabula on grounds that Prince Edward Colombus Wambuza, the son to the late Kyabazinga continues to proclaim himself the rightful king.

His conspicuous absence at the endorsement of Prince Gabula also enphasises that the divisions are perhaps not yet over even as people focuses on the future.