Government hasn’t ‘bought’ me, says Katikkiro

Tuesday December 3 2019

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga 

By James Kabengwa

Kampala-Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has said no amount of criticism will deter him from getting money from the central government, noting that he cannot be compromised.

“There are those questioning why I accepted Shs300m from government. They asked whether I had been ‘bought’. Do I look like a bale of clothes? Can I be bought? How do they buy me? I’m not on sale,” he said while addressing the Lukiiko (parliament) at the kingdom’s headquarters in Bulange, Kampala, yesterday.

Mr Mayiga said he received the money on behalf of the kingdom last month for the reconstruction of Kasubi tombs.
He added that he had no specific share in the tombs other than like any other Muganda: “Will I be buried in Kasubi tombs? I won’t be buried there. It is the royals (who are buried there).”
The Katikkiro said government promised funds to rebuild the tombs with the first batch of Shs2b handed over to his predecessor JB Walusimbi, and that after accountability, they would provide more money.

“The Shs300m was the only money after what government has so far given Mengo. But you people, aren’t the Baganda the best taxpayers? If we get back from our taxes to complete our tombs, is it wrong?” Mr Mayiga asked.

He said his critics must draw a distinction between President Museveni’s personal funds and state funds.
He has faced criticism over delays to complete Kasubi tombs, however he has consistently said there are critical norms that must be fulfilled during the construction process.

Mr Mayiga last week announced that the kingdom had spent Shs6b on the tombs.
He also said Kabaka Muteesa’s memorial lecture yielded fruits from the government as President Museveni promised to return the official vehicle, a Rolls Royce that Uganda’s first President and King of Buganda used.


But he said the three Rolls Royce vehicles should also be returned together with a convertible Bentley.
He said he must accomplish the assignments given to him by the Kabaka.

Mr Mayiga also urged Ugandans to ensure that they participate in the ongoing voters’ verification exercise so that they are able to vote in the 2021 General Election.

He said all Ugandans of age should emulate the Kabaka who recently registered for his national identity card.
According to the Katikkiro, it was a suspicious move for the Electoral Commission to forego the use of national identity cards during the upcoming general elections.

“Why two years before the elections. Can’t we register people with national identity cards? Without them, foreigners could claim to be Ugandans and vote,” he said, urging citizens to get their national identity cards.
He called for an end to mob justice, citing an incident last month where a driver was beaten in Bulange and his car burnt after he allegedly knocked down a cyclist.

Mr Mayiga also called for an end to defilement.