Government acted in panic, says Gen Muntu

Thursday July 10 2014


The Opposition political party Forum for Democratic Change president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has said government acted out of panic in response to the Kasese and Bundibugyo attacks, resulting into the high number of civilian deaths.
In a phone interview, the former army boss said there are many unanswered questions and called for a multiparty Parliamentary inquest into these attacks.

“Most of those who were killed were unarmed civilians. That shows there was panic within government. If not, then it was recklessness. Definitely if you attack a military installation you will be attacked. But, most of those who died were not part of those attacking military positions,” Gen Muntu said.

In response, the Uganda Media Center boss, Mr Ofwono Opondo, said Gen Muntu was not the best person to talk about these attacks, saying his tenure as the army boss is etched with incompetence and bad records.

“Didn’t ADF rebels raid Kichwamba Vocational School when he was the Army commander? What does he say about that record? Wasn’t he the army boss when on October 8th 1995, the LRA ransacked and abducted Aboke girls and the army didn’t pursue the rebels until much later?” he said, “The army acts on intelligence. Did he want these armed groups to overrun the barracks?”

Mr Opondo praised the army and police for arresting more people than they killed. “UPDF has apprehended more people than those killed,” Mr Opondo said.
Gen Muntu said the government explanation that the clashes were tribal was not convincing. He wondered why the attackers targeted police and army installations.