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Government counts gains of Nusaf III

Friday March 15 2019

Business. Women from Akwokicinga group in

Business. Women from Akwokicinga group in Unyama Trading Centre in Gulu District prepare snacks for sale. The group is among the 39 that are benefiting from Nusaf III Sustainable Livelihood Pilot project in the district. PHOTO BY TOBBIAS JOLLY OWINY 


Kampala. The Northern Uganda Social Action Fund programme (Nusaf) has almost doubled food security in the region, officials said yesterday.
“Since we implemented Nusaf III in 2016, we have improved food security in northern Uganda from 28 per cent to 40 per cent with households having two meals a day,” Mr Robert Lim Lim, the programme director, said at a stakeholders meeting in Kampala yesterday.
Mr Lim Lim said they expect to achieve more in the remaining one-and-half years because in the past three years, the region has not suffered famine.
The programme is funded by the World Bank at a cost of Shs481b. So far, Shs355b has been used.
Mr Lim Lim also said they have introduced revolving funds in nine districts across all regions, which target small businesses that need financial support.
“We allocated community business agents and provided Shs37m per village where they borrow and return, targeting women and youth, he said.
Mr Lim Lim said beneficiaries have been able to save and raise Shs244b.
“We make sure this money is used effectively but the demands are very high due to the successes we have achieved,” he added.
Ms Grace Kwiyucwiny, the State minister for Northern Uganda, said the project focusses on livelihood at household level and food security.
Ms Kwiyucwiny said the youth have also provided intensive labour and formed saving groups where they can access loans.
The project is aiming at training 40,000 groups with business skills.