Government rolls out drive against tsetse flies

Wednesday October 21 2015

By Yazid Yolisigira

Luuka. Government has launched a campaign against tsetse flies in Busoga region after several animals in Luuka District were found with nagana, a disease transmitted by the insects.
The campaign was launched last week in Luuka District following a survey which revealed that animals had been found to be affected since April.
“Busoga region has a nasty history of nagana, which hit the area some time back. We didn’t want the problem to escalate, that is why we have quickly started fighting it,” the Luuka senior district veterinary officer, Dr James Bataamye, said.
Dr Bataamye said more than 50 animals were sprayed with deletamethazin, a drug which kills both tsetse flies and ticks, on the first day of the exercise.
The director of the coordinating office for the Control of Tsetse Flies, Prof Charles Waisswa, said at least 100 people have been trained to help farmers spray their animals at Shs500 per animal.