Works ministry needs Shs130 billion for road projects in Bunyoro

Wednesday May 7 2014

By Solomon Arinaitwe

Parliament- The Works ministry has a shortfall of Shs134 billion needed for key road projects in the oil-rich region, officials said on Tuesday.
According to the 2014/15 Budget framework paper, the Works and Finance ministries agreed that these are critical projects that will affect timely oil production. The roads pointed out as key linkages in the oil region that have not been allocated money are Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko road, Karugutu-Ntoroko road and Kabwoya-Buhuka.

Latest projections by oil companies indicate that production will begin between 2018-2019. Full completion of a road project can take between three-five years, according to the Works ministry.

This shortfall was revealed by the State Minister for Works, Mr John Byabagambi, while defending selected expenditures of the Uganda National Roads Authority before Parliament’s committee on physical infrastructure yesterday.
Asked why the ministry planned to partially construct the selected roads, Mr Byabagambi responded that: “In reality, in road construction if you go full throttle, you cannot go beyond 30 per cent. That is why most road contracts are between 30 to 36 months.”

In a telephone interview yesterday, the Finance ministry spokesman, Mr Jim Mugunga, said the budget process “is an all-inclusive process where the Works ministry is represented at a high level.”