Govt revives plans to shift Luzira prison

Monday April 25 2016



Government has revived plans to relocate prison facilities at Luzira in Kampala City and Kigo in Wakiso District.

The relocation plans come after President Museveni assented to the Public Private Partnership Act (PPP) that paves ways for the deal.

Finance ministry spokesperson Jim Mugunga said through the PPP, they will be able to relocate the two prisons. “Relocating of prison facilities in Kigo and Luzira is one of the outstanding projects that we are working on. You know Kigo prisons sits on Buganda Kingdom land,” Mr Mugunga said.

In the PPP, government partners with private investors who will provide finances to build infrastructure. Government says they prefer PPP because it doesn’t have the resources to invest in such infrastructure.

The Uganda Police Force is also relying on the PPP to have enough accommodation for its increasing population.
Prisons officers had proposed relocating Luzira Prisons to Mukono District where an investor will build a 10,000-inmate capacity detention centre that will help to decongest the prisons. Luzira Prisons, whose capacity is 1,700 inmates, holds 7,700 inmates.

The relocation of Kigo Prison will also allow the construction of a 6,000-capacity correctional facility.

Mr Mugunga said Luzira Prisons is located in an area that could best benefit the country if it has commercial ventures.
President Museveni has also on several occasions pushed for the relocation of Luzira Prisons to allow industries occupy the land. In 2013, Members of Parliament on the Human Rights Committee rejected government plan to relocate Luzira Prison under a swap deal with a private investor.

However, the Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr Johnson Byabashaija, was in favour of the project, saying it will go a long way to solve the problem of congestion and use of dilapidated buildings in the prisons.
In 2006, a city businessman took over prison land in the city and constructed for them a bigger prison in Nakasongola District. Nakasongola Prison is said to be one of the best prisons in the country.