Hoima deputy RDC captured on video whipping woman during election

Friday September 27 2019
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A Youtube video grab showing Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr Richard Tabaro fighting with a woman, who he slapped and whipped with a cane.

The Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr Richard Tabaro, was captured on video fighting with a woman, who he slapped and whipped with a cane. The woman attempted to fight back using fists and kicks.

Ms Asinansi Nyakato, the Forum for Democratic Change candidate in the Hoima woman MP race that took place on Thursday, told Daily Monitor that the woman Mr Tabaro is seen fighting with is her sister, Ms Elizabeth Katungi. She said Ms Katungi was in Kigorobya County to monitor the election on her behalf.

“We have a video footage of Mr Tabaro beating up Ms Katungi with a stick when she asked him to refrain from engaging in election irregularities,” Ms Nyakato said on Friday.

She claims that Mr Tabaro, guarded by UPDF soldiers was protecting a group of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters that were intimidating voters and moving with pre-ticked ballot papers to various polling stations.
Ms Katungi, the sister of Ms Nyakato, was among the Opposition supporters who were arrested in a joint operation by the police and the army in the Hoima woman MP by-elections. They face a raft of charges at Police as will be sanctioned by the resident stare attorney.

Mr Tabaro denied any wrongdoing and insisted that he was only defending himself.
“I found them beating up Mr Mulindambura. I convinced them not to be violent and they gave me their two sticks which I put in my car. They initially cooperated and obliged to my request of them not being violent,” Mr Tabaro explained.
He added: “I told them that what they were doing was bad. I actually told her that young girl, I am your father’s age. I am requesting you to humble yourself and handover the sticks. I then told them if they cannot accept to go to Police and stop fighting, I would order for their arrest which I did.”

Mr Tabaro further said: “As I tried to enter my car, the lady stoned me from the back. I am also a human being. I said what you have done is bad.”


The video clip that was shot by the Opposition’s campaign team, shows Mr Tabaro involved in a verbal exchange and later physical fight with the woman as an armed UPDF soldier tries to restrain them.
Ms Katungi and an unknown number of her colleagues were later arrested, accused of assaulting Mr Tabaro and Mr Mulindambura, causing them bodily harm. Mr Mulindambura reported a case of assault at Hoima Police Station, where Ms Katungi was detained by press time.

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