Housewife in fear as 'abusive’ traditional healer stops her from leaving home

Friday January 03 2020

Troubled. Ms Mutesi Kiwanuka, 30, has been married to Swaibu Nyala, 65, a traditional healer in Idudi B village, Buyanga Sub-county in Bugweri district. Courtesy Photo

A housewife is living in fear after her 'abusive' husband, a traditional healer, intensified surveillance around her.

Mr Swaibu Nyala, 65, a traditional healer in Idudi B village, Buyanga Sub-county in Bugweri district, is said to have set up the scrutiny around Ms Mutesi Kiwanuka, in her 30s to whom she has been married to for three years.

“I conceived in 2017, but when I was six-months pregnant, he physically assaulted me because I left home without notifying him. I got a miscarriage and had to be operated upon,” Ms Mutesi said.

Ms Mutesi added that the beatings and provocations continued unabated throughout 2018, with reports suggesting that her husband was buying off authorities not to investigate her abusive marriage.

Ms Miriam Nabirye, a neighbour, on Wednesday said: “The husband publically humiliates her while blaming her for not conceiving yet he is the one to blame for her condition. What type of man is this?” she asked.

According to Ms Nabirye, Mr Nyala has intensified his surveillance that now deters Mutesi from going beyond the house's radius and has paid people to ensure make she doesn't leave,” she said.


Acccording to Nabirye, the area LC1 chairman, Mr Ali Vumbo, who was trying to do some mediation between the couple passed away in June last year.

When contacted, Mr Nyala said he paid dowry for Ms Mutesi and what goes on in his marriage is none of anyone's business.

"She's my wife and not yours; some of you should instead find other things to investigate," he said before hanging up.

Efforts to get a comment from the Busoga East police Spokesman, Mr James Mubi, were futile by press time.