How flu patients can cope in era of coronavirus

Wednesday March 25 2020

An illustration of a person suffering from flu

People with ordinary cough and flu are having a rough time at workplaces and in other public places as they are often shunned for fear that they are patients of the deadly coronavirus.

Many people in public places have been seen scattering at a mere sight of people with cough and colds. There are scenarios where passengers have abandoned commuter taxis and buses over such cases.

Ms Olive Nyamwiza who said she felt she needed to do a coronavirus test when she got a mild flu last week.
She said despite her doctor telling her it was a mere cold, she was forced to stay home until she healed.

“Whenever I sneezed, I made sure I sanitised my hands and surfaces around me to keep my sister safe. Though I still knew it was just mere flu, I checked my temperatures every after 30 minutes,” Ms Nyamwiza said.

Nevertheless, she said she does not blame the public for taking precautionary measures.

“They are right because everyone is now looking out for their health. I think I would do the same,” Ms Nyamwiza said.


President Museveni has advised people with flu and cough to stay home in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Ministry of Health, the public should avoid close contact with people having flu-like symptoms.

“When sick with flu-like symptoms, avoid going to public places, offices, and public gatherings. Remain at home to avoid infecting others,” the Ministry of Health states.