I don’t want opposition in parliament, says President Museveni

Tuesday May 09 2017
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NRM flag-bearer, Mr Moses Walyomu, waving the NRM party flag earlier this week at Budondo Primary School. Looking on at the back is President Museveni.

Jinja –
In an effort to secure another parliamentary seat in Busoga sub-region, President Museveni has again hit the campaign trail, this time expressing his dislike against people he believes will stand in his way once elected to the House.

Addressing a rally at Bulugo Primary School in Buyengo Sub-County, Jinja District, last evening , Mr Museveni said should the electorate blunder and vote for opposition whom he said he doesn’t want in parliament, they will be the ultimate losers.
He said: “I am tired of wars. I want you to vote for pro-NRM members of parliament like our party flag-bearer, Mr Moses Walyomu.”

He continued: “I don’t want to go back to the bush to fight again. Don’t send me people who will disagree with me in parliament. I fought in 1986 and I am tired.”
According to Mr Museveni, people vying for legislative position should bear allegiance to his ruling NRM party if development is to be fostered.

He said as the reigning President he deserves to work with like-minded people who will not trouble him and his developmental agenda for the country.

He said people who are not of his party fear to discuss with him matters that are pertinent to the development of the country. And for that to be avoided, he will need Members of Parliament who share his ideals and vision for the country.

He threatened that should Kagoma voters vote for an opposition candidate, their wish for good roads and other crucial utilities such as power will be no more.


Days before the Kamuli Municipality parliamentary by-election was held last month, President Museveni pitched camp in Busoga sub-region to among other things campaign for the NRM candidate, Ms Rehema Watongola.

His involvement boosted the chances of the NRM flag-bearer who went on to clinch the Kamuli parliamentary seat after facing off with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate, Ms Salaamu Musumba.

Also in town for the same mission—to ensure victory for the FDC candidate, is President Museveni’s political rival, Dr Kiiza Besigye.

The former FDC presidential candidate who has since challenged President Museveni for the top seat in the last four elections was part of the party bigwigs combing votes for the flag-bearer, Mr Timothy Batuwa Lusala.

Speaking to a crowd at Budondo Sub-County in Jinja, Dr Besigye said Kagoma County should vote for the FDC candidate because they deserve better and not people who will rubberstamp unwarranted positions while in parliament.

He urged the electorates to vote for the FDC candidate for that will be the beginning of expressing their disapproval of how bad the economy and the country has degenerated.

Candidates vying for the MP seat

Candidates vying for the Kagoma Constituency parliamentary seat include Mr Alex Brandon Kintu (Independent), Mr Moses Walyomu (NRM), Mr Muhammed Bidondole (Independent) and Mr Timothy Batuwa Lusala (FDC).

The Kagoma parliamentary seat fell vacant after the Court of Appeal nullified the result of the election following an appeal by Mr Alex Brandon Kintu who was one of the contenders in the 2016 parliamentary race.

After losing the election to Mr Moses Walyomu, Mr Kintu filed an election petition in court detailing election fraud manifested in the form of particularly voter bribery, something he said unjustly swung the result in favor of his rival.

The Court of Appeal agreed with his argument and in early March, a verdict nullifying the election was declared, resulting into the forthcoming by-election.