ICC team collects evidence on Ongwen

Tuesday June 23 2015


Gulu- The International Criminal Court (ICC) has said its investigation team is gathering more evidence in Pajule and Odek sub-counties in Pader and Gulu districts respectively to help prosecute Dominic Ongwen.

The trial of the former LRA commander resumes early next year. Mr Ongwen was among top five Lord’s Resistance Army commanders referred by government to the ICC in 2005 over war crimes during the two-decade war that resulted in deaths of tens of thousands and displacement 1.5 million people in northern Uganda.

Speaking to journalists last Thursday in Gulu Town, the ICC jurisdiction, complementarity and cooperation division director, Mr Phakiso Mochochoko, said the investigation team is on the ground trying to get compelling evidences on sexual gender-based violence and recruitment of child soldiers that are alleged to have occurred in the two sub-counties during the war.

“The prosecution team is expected to present strong evidence before the judge to decide whether he wishes to add the charges on the war crimes that is already in court or not,” Mr Mochochoko said.