IGG nets 4 officials over corruption

Wednesday October 9 2019

Ms Ali Munira, spokesperson for the IGG

Ms Ali Munira, spokesperson for the IGG 


The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) officials have arrested four workers of Mitooma District over allegations of corruption.
They are Mr Amon Byamugisha, the senior human resource officer, Mr Saverinus Beyendeza, the senior community development officer, Mr Onesmus Agaba, the human resource officer, and Ms Sarah Kiconco, the community development officer.
They were arrested on Monday following a complaint that they were involved in ‘corrupt dealings’ during the recruitment process of staff last year.
The Jobs were advertised in February 2018.
“The arrested corruptly solicited and offered gratification during recruitment of workers in Mitooma District last year.
‘‘We received complaints in June, we started investigations and discovered that to get a job, a person had to pay between Shs1.5 million to Shs2.5 million for junior officer jobs, and Shs5 million for senior positions,” a source, who preferred anonymity because he is not the official spokesperson of the IGG, said.
A press statement released on Monday from the IGG’s office, indicated that Mr Byamugisha will be charged with corruption after he allegedly solicited Shs2.5m as an inducement to secure Mr Keleth Atamba a job as a procurement officer.
Its also alleged that he received gratification of Shs1.5 million on his mobile phone from Mr Atamba.
Mr Agaba, according to the IGG, allegedly offered a gratification of Shs2.02 million to Mr Byamugisha on his mobile phone as an inducement to secure him a job of human resource officer.
Mr Beyendeza allegedly received inducement of Shs2 million to secure Ms Kiconco a job as a community development officer.
Ms Kiconco allegedly offered gratification of Shs2 million to Mr Beyendeza on his mobile phone as an inducement to secure her a job as a community development officer.
According to the IGG, their actions contravene sections of the Anti-Corruption Act of 2009. The spokesperson for the IGG, Ms Munira Ali confirmed the arrests, adding that they will appear in court this week.
“We have arrested officials from Mitooma District local government over charges of corruption and they will be arraigned in court anytime this week,” Ms Munira said.

About the IGG
The IGG is an independent institution charged with the responsibility of eliminating corruption, abuse of authority and of public office.
Its powers as enshrined in the Constitution.