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Institutions protest new curriculum

Tuesday February 10 2015

By Julius ocungi

Gulu- Proprietors of clinical institutions in the country are demanding the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the ministry of Education to review and bridge the current gaps in the new curriculum for Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health.

They argue that the new curriculum rolled out in 2013 is hampering the standards of training clinical officers, adding it will see them graduate with papers rather than skills.

The director Gulu Institute of Health Science, Mr Alfred Okwonga, in an interview recently said there are many gaps in the curriculum for Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health under University and other Tertiary Institution Act 2001.
He said if not addressed, the issues will lower the training of clinical officers.

“I feel NCHE and the ministry of Education should take a lead to correct these gaps by engaging other stakeholders to act on these discrepancies,” said Mr Okwonga.

In a November 1, 2013 letter seen by Daily Monitor addressed to the NCHE, Mr Okwonga, outlines some of concerns as entry requirements, curriculum review and evaluation period.

He added that legally, the correct version is the curriculum for diploma in clinical medicine and community health of Kampala International University that is already accredited by NCHE but harmonisation should be made with the one of 1997 version
Education minister Jessica Alupo, however, said they are comfortable working with the new curriculum.

“The directors of these institutions should write a formal petition to the ministry of Education where we can arrange for meetings on what they have failed to understand,” said Ms Alupo.