Judge blasts politicians on court orders

Friday June 3 2016



A High Court judge has lashed out at well-connected politicians who frustrate the execution of court orders.

Justice Flavia Senoga Anglin, the deputy head of the Executions and Bailiffs Division of the High Court, lamented how some Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) go an extra mile of even providing their bodyguards just to frustrate execution of court orders.

“The political high and mighty of our society such as MPs, ministers, and resident district commissioners, have most unfortunately increasingly interfered with the execution process by wrongfully getting involved in issues of execution of warrants for vacant possession, and attachment of property.” Justice Senoga said early this week while meeting all bailiffs in Kampala.

Justice Senoga continued: “Some RDCs at times, even go against the court orders to the extent of providing judgment debtors with armed guards.”

At the same forum, Justice Senoga faulted court bailiffs who have exhibited unprofessional behaviour while carrying out the execution of court orders.

She noted that some of the bailiffs have acted in excess of their powers to defy the directives of the issuing court.