Justice Owiny Dollo warns court bailiffs

Monday August 25 2014

By Stephen Otage

High Court judge Alphonse Owiny Dollo has cautioned court bailiffs against engaging in criminal acts while enforcing court orders.
While opening a workshop for court bailiffs in Kampala at the weekend, Justice Owiny Dollo observed that many court bailiffs connive with unscrupulous police personnel, politicians and business people to grab people’s properties.

“Remember that you are officers of the High Court and you are answerable to court when executing court orders. Police are only supposed to provide you with security when executing these orders but do not take instructions from anyone else apart from court which employs you,” he said.

Justice Owiny Dollo, who is in charge of the enforcement division of the High Court, added that any action outside the court order becomes a criminal act for which the bailiff is liable for prosecution.

“Evictions are supposed to be smooth and peaceful because court orders must be followed. Many people have filed suits against bailiffs because even without court decrees, bailiffs attach people’s property. A court order is specific and you must keep within the order,” he said.

Uganda Court Bailiffs Association president Bonny Rwamukaga said surveillance had been stepped up to curb court bailiffs who conduct evictions outside the legal provisions.