Madrama, Musota slam Mabirizi's petition

Wednesday February 14 2018

City lawyer, Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka (pictured).

City lawyer, Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka (pictured). FILE PHOTO 

By Moses Kyeyune

Justice Christopher Madrama and Stephen Musota have dismissed efforts to fail their appointment to the Appellant Court, saying that they are ill intended.

The judges were responding to the petition filed by a city lawyer, Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka, who challenged their appointment on grounds of incompetence, misconduct and discrimination among others.

However, Justice Madrama has told journalists at Parliament that Mabirizi's petition falls short of merit.

“That matter was in 2014 and the same gentleman [Mabirizi] has filed complaints against all judges of the Commercial Court and the Civil Division,” he said.

In the petition, Mr Mabirizi accused Justice Madrama of "recklessness" that would bring down the temple of justice in case his appointment is approved.

But the Judge said that, "petitioning is his right; it is his freedom of expression, let him enjoy it and I wish him well."

Meanwhile, Justice Musota has declined to respond on the matter.

"That is his [Mabirizi] nature, I have no comment," Justice Musota said.

Instead, he handed a copy of decisions by the Office of the Principle Judge where Mr Mabirizi is faulted of attacking judges and scandalising court processes.

Details in the Daily Monitor tomorrow

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