Kaabong District Woman MP crosses to newly created Karenga District

Saturday July 20 2019

Karenga District Woman Member of Parliament

Karenga District Woman Member of Parliament Rose Lilly Akello. PPU PHOTO 

By Steven Ariong

The Electoral Commission has started mobilising for resources to conduct a by-election in Kaabong District after its elected Woman Member of Parliament Ms Rose Lilly Akello opted to represent Karenga District instead. Karenga was carved out of Kaabong on July 1, 2019.

Ms Akello (NRM) became the Kaabong District Woman MP after winning a by-election in 2017 against Ms Christine Tubo Nakwang.
Mr Mark Abuku, the LCV chairperson for Kaabong District said: “At the moment we don’t have woman Member of Parliament and the electoral commission is expected to conduct by-election within 90 days,” he said.

Mr Samson Lokeris, the Member of Parliament for Dodoth East in Kaabong District who also doubles as chairman Karamoja parliamentary group confirmed that Ms Lilly had crossed from Kaabong to Karenga, saying it was her own decision.
Our reporter has been unable to get Ms Akello’s comment as his repeated calls went unanswered.

Mr Okori Linos Lima, the Karamoja regional electoral officer said they are now working hard to mobilise resources to conduct new elections in Kaabong.
“Electoral commission is aware that Ms Akello has crossed as woman member of parliament for Karenga, leaving a vacuum in Kaabong. We are now looking for money to carry out a by-election in Kaabong,” he said.