Kadaga calls for speedy humanitarian assistance to flood affected areas

Sunday December 8 2019

Nakiwulo zone chairman Mohamad  Magumba shows

Nakiwulo zone chairman Mohamad  Magumba shows the Speaker of parliament  Rebecca Kadaga the worst hit parts. Photos by Sam Caleb Opio 


The Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has called for faster humanitarian assistance to flood victims and advocated for an active disaster response and advisory teams to warn and advise the public on looming disasters.

Kadaga who visited the flood sites on Sunday morning in Kamuli district where she is the district woman MP, was shocked to find over 200 households in Nakiwolo trading centre and Namasagali submerged after the downpour.

The Speaker noted that such disasters need immediate response to save the people from other dangers that may come along thus creating more complicated burdens.

Some of the houses submerged by the flash
Some of the houses submerged by the flash floods in Nakiwulo Trading Center in Kamuli district.

“I am going to have consultations with relevant ministries and bodies and will come back as soon as possible but thank you for the patience,” she consoled.

Sam Bakaki the Kamuli district Environment officer said most of the affected areas are low lying and along the River Nile which are prone to floods.

“The flash floods are just a climate change warning and a big problem to come in terms of communicable diseases, famine and violence since the gardens have been destroyed,” Bakaki explained.

He added that there is need to sensitize people on the dangers of constructing houses in swampy areas, communicable diseases and food security.