Kadaga vows to see Jinja elevated to city status

Thursday January 8 2015


Jinja. The Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, has said she will not allow plans to have major municipalities in the country elevated to city status if Jinja is left out.
Since July 2006 when the district celebrated 50 years as a municipality and 100 years as a town, it has been agitating for elevation to a city status.
However, it has failed to meet a population of 500,000 people, one of the four preconditions set by government before elevating a town to a city status.
“I will not accept Parliament to approve any city if Jinja is not part of them. This cannot happen when I am still the Speaker of Parliament. Therefore, the people should not have any worries about Jinja failing to become a city,” she said while speaking on a radio talk show in the district on Sunday. Ms Kadaga also declined to comment on her presidential ambitions and the return from exile of the former Coordinator of Intelligence Services, Gen David Sejusa.
“About standing for presidency, I will comment about it when the time comes. Then about Sejusa, my role was to see that the vacuum that had been created in Parliament by Sejusa was filled. That was it,” she said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Lands and Urban Development, Mr Daudi Migereko, has said government plans to start developing Buvuma and Kalangala districts for the hospitality industry due to its beautiful scenery.

Other conditions
Other conditions required for a town to get a city status include having the capacity to meet the cost of service delivery, enough water sources and a master plan.