Kakira in Shs165b expansion

Saturday February 16 2013

By Isaac Mufumba

Kakira Sugar Works Limited has embarked on a $65 million (Shs156b) expansion that will see the company produce more sugar and generate more power for internal consumption and sale to the national grid.

During a recent interview with the Saturday Monitor, the company managing director, Mr Mayur Madhvani, said the process, which entails expansion of both the sugar mills and power houses, is expected to be commissioned in June.

Once completed, the sugar mill, which has been crushing about 1.5 million tonnes of sugarcane per year, will be crushing 2 million tonnes of sugarcane and produce about 180,000 tonnes of sugar per year.

Out of the 2 million tonnes, 1.4 million tonnes is expected to be supplied by sugarcane farmers while the rest will be produced by the company’s nuclear estate.

Mr Madhvani said the expansion of the sugar mill will result into an increase in the amount of the waste product from which power is generated hence occasioning the installation of new steam boilers, and turbines at the Kakira Power generation facility.

He said power generation will, therefore, increase from 22 megawatts to 52 megawatts and supply to the national grid will be stepped up from 14 to 32 megawatts.

“The expansion and increment in sugar production and power generation makes us one of the biggest in the region,” Mr Madhvani said.

The production manager, Eng. Wilfred Pacoto, said the next phase of the expansion would see the company process Ethanol (pure alcohol) from Molasses (a by-product of the sugar making process), which can be added to fuel at the ratio of 15 percent per litre.