Kamuswaga’s palace construction works stall

Monday July 22 2019

Kooki leader. Kamuswaga Sansa Kabumbuli.  FILE

Kooki leader. Kamuswaga Sansa Kabumbuli. FILE PHOTO 


Construction of a new palace for the Kooki Chiefdom hereditary ruler, Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II, has stalled at foundation level.

Work on the palace started in 2015 but since then, no further construction has taken place.
Mr Iddi Kiwanuka, the institution’s premier, said the funds meant for construction of the palace were diverted to other income generating projects, which affected the palace project in its initial stage.

“We had many projects to handle at the same time and we decided to halt construction of the palace,” Mr Kiwanuka said in an interview last week.

He added that the site where they plan to construct the palace has already been levelled and works will commence soon after completing other projects.

“We took engineers to the site where the palace will be built and they approved it. We already have the building plan and we are expecting to start the project soon,” he added.

Kamuswaga’s new palace is expected to cost Shs4.8b.


The Kamuswaga resides in a dilapidated palace constructed by his forefathers.

During Kamuswaga’s 11th coronation anniversary in Rakai Town Council on May 15, 2015, the Kooki spokesperson, Mr Stanley Ndawula, said the institution had received financial support from its friends in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates, Japan and Kampala, to help in facilitating various projects, including construction of the palace.

Mr Ndawula also said Kooki had other projects on the master plan which included rehabilitation of the royal tombs, construction of Kijjanebarola Royal Beach, Kooki Community Radio and revival of Kooki language, among others.

However, Mr Kiwanuka said some projects such as rehabilitation of the royal tombs and old palace, construction of Kijjanebarola Royal Beach and revival of Rukooki language have been completed.