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Kanungu Town Council faces eviction

Saturday November 21 2015

By Robert Muhereza


High Court bailiffs have issued a notice of eviction to the Kanungu Town Council.
The notice says the land on which the council constructed its office block was unlawfully obtained.

“We have been instructed by our clients, the defendants in the case captioned above to carry out an eviction on plot 54 Block 59 Kinkiizi, Kanungu District,” a November 5 notice by Murambi Auctioneers and High Court Bailiffs, reads in part.

“Unless you vacate in not later than 30 days after receiving this notice, we shall come physically and evict you by force,” the notice further reads.

The town council bought the land on Mushamba Road at Shs11.4m in June 2002. Shortly after, four people: Sulaiti Habib, Sulaiman Habibu, Mansuru Habibu and Ibrahim Habibu filed a case in the High Court, claiming the land.
They said the seller, Ms Hajatiza Faranmi Nyairkiza, had no power to sell the land.

Justice P.K. Mugamba on August 9, 2008, nullified the special certificate which granted the land to the council, saying it was fraudulently acquired.

The bailiffs accused the town council of defying the court judgment by constructing buildings on the said land.
On Monday, Kanungu mayor Joseph Kaheru confirmed they had received the eviction notice. He said the council had last week sought advice from the Solicitor General on how best to handle the matter and is still waiting for a response.