Keep girls in school through provision of sanitary care – Kadaga

Wednesday February 14 2018

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga distributing sanitary

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga distributing sanitary pads to school girls in Lamwo at Pangira Primary School on Monday.PHOTO BY PARLIAMENT PRESS 

By Eric Dominic Bukenya

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has called upon community and district leadership in Lamwo to ensure good sanitary hygiene by providing sanitary pads and changing rooms for school girls so as to promote girls education.

She said that despite efforts to ensure affordability of such necessities for women and girls, they were still out of reach especially for pupils in rural schools which has led to school dropouts.

“The Government scrapped taxes on the pads starting with the current financial year 2017/2018 and this was aimed at enabling girls and women afford the product for the good of their health,” Kadaga said.

The speaker made the remarks while officiating at a Parliament function to distribute reusable pads to school girls in Lamwo at Pangira Primary School on Monday.

Last year, over 10,000 pads were raised through cash contributions from MPs and parliamentary staff. The pads, which cost Shs6,500 on the open market, can be used up to 12 months.

The Speaker also noted that the poor completion rates and performance of girls in the district. Out of 19 candidates who sat for PLE exams last year, only one was a girl.

Lamwo District Woman MP, Molly Lanyero, encouraged girls not be stigmatized by menstruation, saying that it is a normal biological process.

She called upon parent to support girls stay in school to avoid early marriages.

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