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Keep off Karamoja affairs– Byabagambi tells fellow ministers

Thursday October 13 2016

Karamoja Affairs minister John Byabagambi

Karamoja Affairs minister John Byabagambi (centre), the Ethics minister Fr Simon Lokodo (right) with the Turkana County governor Josephat Nanok (wearing hat) during a cross border meeting in Kenya last week. Photo by Steven Ariong 

By Steven Ariong


The minister in charge of Karamoja affairs Mr John Byabagambi has warned other ministers who make statements about Karamoja to the media, arguing that they are not conversant with the region.

Mr Byabagambi's warning came after local leaders in the region attacked him over comments made by State minister of transport Mr Aggrey Bagiire about the region being insecure.

Last week Mr Aggrey Bagiire told the media that many of the contractors they have approached have declined the offer, citing insecurity in Karamoja region.

“Some people still think that Karamoja is insecure so when you advertise for a job, some of these contractors are reluctant to respond and that is where we are having a problem,” Mr Bagiire said.

However, his statement has not gone well with the leaders in the region who are planning to petition the president for what they call reckless statements by the minister with the aim to scare investors who would wish to invest in the region.

Mr John Byabagambi expressed his disappointment with his colleague’s statement describing it as unfortunate.

He said some of the ministers after lacking what to do they convey unfounded information through the media.

“In fact Karamoja is very safe, more than any other part in the country if you compare Karamoja and Kampala, Kampala is more insecure than Karamoja.” he said.

Mr Byabagambi said anybody who feels to make comments to the media about Karamoja issues should get clearance from the ministry of Karamoja affairs.