Truck driver loses lips, phone to attackers in Lira

Tuesday June 25 2019

The truckers blocked the road for

The truckers blocked the road for close to four hours. PHOTO BY PATRICK EBONG 


LIRA- A group of truck drivers Tuesday blocked Juba Road in Ojwina Division, Lira Municipality, after suspected criminals attacked their colleague and chopped his lips off.

The grisly attack occurred at about 4:30 am on Tuesday when the driver of a truck Reg. No. KCM 197Q, who was on his way to Juba was attacked at Kakoge ‘A’, Ojwina Division,  where he had stopped to ease himself on the road side at about 4:30am.

The attackers reportedly chopped the drivers lips when he tried save his money and a mobile phone from being stolen by the attackers.  

After the incident, his co-driver, started hooting and blocked the road in an attempt to attract the attention of other road users.

Minutes later, dozens of drivers who responded, parked their trucks in the middle of Juba Road to protest the sordid attack on their colleague.

The injured driver, whose identity could not easily be established was rushed to Lira hospital.


Medical workers at the hospital blocked Daily Monitor from accessing the ward where the driver is nursing his wounds.

The drivers accepted to stop the protest about five hours later when North Kyoga Regional Police Commander, Mr Peter Nkulega; Lira District Police Commander, Mr George Obia, and Ojwina Division chairman, Mr Emmanuel Ebong Opeto, pleaded with them to clear the busy highway. 

 Ms Harriet Akullo, a resident of the area said the criminal gang has been operating in the area for a long time.

One of the victims, according to Ms Akullo is Mr Ambrose Eleng, a presenter at a nearby Radio Unity, whose phone was stolen by members of the gang on Tuesday at about 3:00am. The presenter was on his way to the station for an early morning programme.

 “Juba Road Police Post is located just 200 metres away. These policemen should be transferred because they are not helping us,” Ms Akello said.

 Mr Delcano Oboke, the local council chairman of Kakoge ‘A’, Ojwina Division, blamed the rising crime in the area on alcoholism and drug abuse.

Five suspects were arrested in a police operation following the attack.