Kony’s sons manning key areas, says report

Tuesday February 24 2015


Kampala- A report released yesterday about the activities of Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army revealed that the rebel’s sons, ‘Salim Saleh’ and ‘Ali’, are now managing the rebel group’s finances.

The report also indicates that Kony has now embarked on recruiting non-Ugandans to take up key command positions following the death or defection of senior fighters from Uganda. The report was compiled by three NGOs; Africa Non-Profit Chore (ANCHOR), Resolve and Invisible Children.

“Subsequent to the losses, Kony promoted his loyalists and two oldest sons, Ali and Saleh to key roles in planning operations and tracking the LRA’s finances and logistics. Aligac, Kony’s former bodyguard, was promoted to help fill the gap left when Okot Odhiambo was reportedly killed in December 2013,” the report reads in part.

Mr Patrick Munduga, the regional director of Anchor, explains that: “Kony is a highly tribal person. But the idea that he is now starting to recruit people he is not linked to explains not only the group’s continued activities despite counter efforts but also that they are struggling to keep up.”

LRA now poaching
Mr Munduga said the LRA are now mainly engaged in poaching, looting small communities, trafficking in illicit gold and diamonds as a strategy to survive.
According to the report, 127 women and children quit the rebel group; 13 Ugandan male fighters defected and the group has heightened attacks and abductions last year. Rebel attacks had fallen to a record low, thanks to the African Union regional force.

However, more incidents are again being reported.