Lakara takes over as UPDF 3rd division boss

Tuesday July 16 2013

Brig Lakara Nakibus addresses soldiers after receiving instruments

Brig Lakara Nakibus addresses soldiers after receiving instruments of service in Moroto on Sunday. PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG 

By Steven Ariong

Moroto- The Karimojong have welcomed the return of Brig Nakibus Lakara into the active service of the UPDF after more than eight years without deployment.

Brig Lakara, who is the new division commander for the UPDF 3rd division in Karamoja sub-region, was formerly the army chief of staff but has not been deployed since 2004 after he was accused of causing financial loss of Shs61 million to the government.

Brig Lakara was, however, cleared by the General Court Martial in 2009 of the charges and thereafter, went to the National Defence College in Kenya for further training.

While receiving the instruments of office from the outgoing division commander, Brig Peter Elwelu, in Moroto on Sunday, Brig Lakara promised to deal with indisciplined soldiers.

He also pledged to clear the remaining cases of animal theft and to hunt for soldiers who deserted the army.

“I know my relatives (the Karimojong) are happy that I am now the army division commander but I am ready to work within the law and I will not entertain criminals,” he said.

Brig Elwelu has been transferred to the 2nd Division as a commander, a post which fell vacant after the death of Patrick Kankiriho.
Lt Gen Charles Angina, the deputy Chief of Defence Forces, who presided over the ceremony, advised Brig Lakara to intensify the fight against cattle rustling.

In 2009, Brig Nakibus Lakara was acquitted of charges of disobedience of lawful orders and causing financial loss. Prosecution had alleged that Brig Lakara had disobeyed the directive of the Commander-in-Chief and transferred some soldiers contrary to orders. He had already been convicted of causing financial loss of Shsh61m.