Water shortage hits eastern Uganda as landslides damage water plant

Monday October 8 2018

Water shortage hits eastern Uganda as

Water shortage hits eastern Uganda as landslides damage water plant. COURTESY PHOTOS 


MANAFWA- An acute water shortage has hit Tororo and Manafwa districts.

Mr Samuel Apedel, the spokesman of National Water and Sewarage Corportaion attributed the shortage to a landslide that damaged the water pipe network at  Soono Water Treatment Plant in the neighbouring Namisindwa District.

 “The landslides destabilised the pipe network at the plant, including its infrastructure and also caused land movements of various sections of the water treatment plant,” he said.

Mr Apedel said their technical team has been dispatched to excavate a 6km pipeline to interconnect to Lirima Gravity Treatment Plant Network with Soono, as a quick recovery plan.

“The works on interconnection of Lirima and Soono pipeline networks will be completed by Thursday this week and our customers will be in position to access water,” he said.

Mr Robert Wadenga, a resident of Bubutu and a local leader, said they now fetch water from streams which is not safe for drinking.


Ms Julia Nabuzale, who runs a food kiosk in Manafwa town council, said unless the piped water is restored, she will not cook food for her customers.

“The cost of buying water has increased and it’s has affected us,” she said.

Ms Nabuzale said a 20-litre jerrycan of water now costs Shs500, which price cannot be afforded by an average resident.