Law on dirt meets mixed reactions in Entebbe

Tuesday January 8 2013

By Martin Ssebuyira

The newly introduced Shs50,000 definite penalty for people found littering Entebbe Town has attracted mixed reactions.

A section of the residents the Daily Monitor spoke to said the bylaw would help in keeping the municipality clean, while others thought people would use the bylaw to witch-hunt their enemies.

Entebbe Mayor Vincent Kayanja recently made the resolution, which would see whoever blows the whistle get Shs25,000.

“I believe Entebbe Municipal Council has thought wisely to bring this bylaw to help in prosecuting negligent people,” Mr Sam Mukambe, a businessman in Kitooro, said.

He added that people have a feeling that local authorities are meant to clean the places they operate from and stubbornly dump rubbish to create more jobs for the municipal council officers.

But Ms Ritah Nankungu, a market vendor, said the new regulation would be a recipe for corruption.

She said people having personal grudges would use this bylaw to witch-hunt their enemies because it similarly operates like ‘mob courts’ where people suspect and beat up a suspect.

Mr Bataringaya Kanyereze, a resident of Kiwafu says the bylaw is nice but needs to be revisited because it looks like a jungle law.
“It doesn’t offer chance to the other victim, so the law needs to be reviewed,” he said.

Mr Kayanja said Entebbe Municipality spends a lot of money on cleaning up roads because of a few negligent people.

The municipal council spends at least Shs82 million on collecting garbage per year according to authorities.

Entebbe Division A chairman David Wasswa Kasule said the new measure would reduce the costs on garbage collection.

This is not the first city or town to introduce a bylaw against littering.
Kampala Central Division also has a bylaw where people are fined Shs50,000 when caught littering.