Lion causes scare in Kiruhura

Friday January 8 2016

By Elly Karenzi


Business and farming activities in Byeshembe Ward and Kazo Town Council in Kiruhura District have been paralysed following reports that a lion was sighted in the area.

The lion, suspected to have escaped from Queen Elizabeth National Park, was reportedly seen in the bush on Monday by a woman who raised an alarm, sending the residents into panic.

The councillor for Byeshembe Ward, Ms Joy Namara, said hunters and residents mounted a search but have not seen it up to now. “Those who move in the night, especially milk vendors and those that run hotels are scared. Many people are avoiding moving past 7 pm,” said Ms Namara.
Ms Namara said they are going to inform Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) about the incident.

Meanwhile, jackals in October and November invaded Ibanda District, killing at least 50 goats and sheep. They also killed a woman and injured a child.