Lukwago rallies DP youth to push for change in country’s leadership

Monday February 23 2015


Kampala- Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has told Democratic Party youth to actively engage in Uganda’s political struggles so as to cause positive change.

Mr Lukwago told youth attending a central region conference for DP youth at Sharing Hall in Nsambya, Kampala last Friday to look up to national leaders who used their youth to transform the country’s political landscape.

As all political parties look forward to the 2016 elections, Mr Lukwago asked the younger supporters to strategise on how the party can takeover leadership of the country.

He listed personalities including first president of Uganda Sir Edward Muteesa II, President Museveni, first Chief Justice of Uganda Ben Kiwanuka, former president Milton Obote, former FDC leader Kizza Besigye, FDC leader Gen Mugisha Muntu as those who used their youth actively.

“All these were in positions of leadership before they were 40 years of age but young people today think they have to make 40 or 50 to start. President Museveni says he was born in 1944 and if that is true, it means by the time he stood for president in 1980, he was only 36 years old. Dr Besigye was only 23 in 1981 when he went to the bush,” Mr Lukwago noted.

He also asked the DP youth to stop dreaming about the past but seize the moment and impact on society.
“Ben Kiwanuka died in 1972, he won’t be returning to lead the Democratic Party, Kayiira (Andrew) is dead, Dr Paul Semogerere is retired and many other leaders,” Mr Lukwago said.


Mr Lukwago further asked the youth to remain gentle in their approach to politics but not docile.
“Gentility does not presuppose docility. The situation we are in today is of gentlemen who are docile,” he pointed out.

DP youth wing have been traversing the central region to mobilise members as they prepare for the coming general election.

Last week DP president Norbert Mao warned the Buganda committee on having conferences without following the party rules.

“I need to meet these Buganda committee members and we discuss the agenda of their conferences. It seems more of self-interest. I want order in the party. They should follow the party Constitution,” Mr Mao said.