Lwemiyaga residents demand own ministry

Tuesday February 5 2013

By Martin E Ssekweyama

Ssembabule. Residents of Lwemiyaga County have demanded a special ministry that will handle their affairs.
Mr Samuel Mwagalwa of Lwemiyaga Town last week said because of its closeness to Kabamba Military Barracks, the area suffered several atrocities and a lot of property was destroyed during the 1981 to 1986 guerilla war.
The war brought President Museveni and the NRM to power 27 years ago.
Mr Mwagalwa claimed that during the struggle, a lot of cattle was also lost. He was echoing several remarks made by different people attending the NRM 27th anniversary in Lwemiyaga last week.
Some district councillors are collecting signatures to effect the demand. The councillors, Mr Jude Migadde, Mr Johnson Kamugisha, and Ms Deborah Nabadda, claimed that Lwemiyaga was overshadowed by Sembabule District and was not receiving what was due for it.
Ms Nabadda said she was disappointed that whenever the area MP, Mr Theodore Ssekikubo, points out the faults within the ruling regime, he is victimised.
The government formed a ministry for Luweero Triangle to pacify the Bush War backyard. Several lives and property were lost in the war.

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